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Interview with Robert Reed


A long-time resident of Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas, Mr. Reed received his draft notice in 1943 while working in Seattle, Washington's shipyards. After completing his basic training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, he was deployed to the European theatre as a member of the 780th Military Unit. He recalls some of his military experiences with examples of his contributions to the war effort, as well as his acts of recalcitrance. During his short stay in North Africa, he mentions visiting with Algerians and describes the circumstances that led to his transfer to a U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps supply unit. He highlights the activities of his work assignment in France and Italy, which included supervising a German prisoner and he gives accounts of his off-duty experiences. As a civilian, Mr. Reed used his G.I Bill to earn a B.A. degree in psychology from the University of Kansas in 1951. After an active business career in sales, Mr. Reed developed a successful water softening enterprise that is now a part of his daughter's local construction business.


Reed, Robert, interviewee
Dandridge, Deborah, interviewer




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