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Interview with Leroy Rolfe


Mr. Rolfe grew up on a farm in Arkansas, with his parents and 11 siblings. Beginning with his bus trip to the induction center in Shreveport, Louisiana, to basic training at Camp Robinson, Arkansas and advanced combat training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, he recalls a variety of eventful experiences. While stationed in Europe, he mentions meeting Edward Brooke, who was later elected to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts. But, it is his blow by blow account of facing enemy fire in the Italian Alps and his struggle to survive after being wounded that exemplifies the many heroic World War II experiences of the Greatest American Generation. Rolfe was later awarded the Purple Heart medal for wounds he received during the 92nd Division’s battle against German soliders in Italy. On his return trip across the Atlantic, he gives an account of his ship’s encounter with a hurricane. After the war, Mr. Rolfe married and eventually moved his family to Wichita, Kansas.


Rolfe, Leroy, interviewee
Dandridge, Deborah, interviewer




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