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Interview with Frederick C. Temple


As an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin, Mr. Temple joined the Army Enlisted Corps before returning to his home in Topeka, Kansas in 1942. Drafted in 1943, he served in the Army's 743rd Military Police Battalion in North Africa and in Italy. While conducting patrol duty in North Africa, he gives a wide range of incidents he witnessed and experienced, particularly with the Algerian residents, the local French authorities, and the intrigue presented by the growing Algerian revolt. When his ship entered the port of Naples, he describes the ongoing bombing of the Germans in Italy. He also mentions how he managed resources when his unit encountered shortages of water and food supplies. He gives an account of his search for employment after the war as a veteran. He returned to the University of Wisconsin where he earned a B.S. degree and ultimately a M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics. From 1952 until his retirement in the 1980s, Dr. Temple served as a member and chair of the Department of Economics at Southern University in Baton, Rouge Louisiana.


Temple, Frederick C., interviewee
Dandridge, Deborah, interviewer




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